In my laboratory I age Briarwood logs for a period of 2 to 3 years. Briarwood is the essential element used in pipemaking; the essence of the pipe itself and my wanting the best quality pipes are important for two reasons: the authenticity of the product and its beauty.
Therefore there cannot be a real perfection both extrinsic and intrinsic if the raw material isn’t the best. There are different types of Briarwood logs, but only an excellent quality can balance both the aspects described above. I mainly use Briarwood from Northern Italy that has been aged for at least 2 to 3 years. I have also begun using alternative woods that are extremely interesting for their potential aromas, such as Olivewood and Arbute. With these I make smooths, sandblasts and rusticates.



As for the inserts I have undergone an evolution in my pipemaking: at the beginning I used metal inserts such as silver, now instead I use mainly wood because in my opinion it exalts the potentials of the Briarwood. I am constantly looking for new materials to use as inserts and what I use now are mainly Amboina, Boxwood, Rosewood, red or black Palm, Snakewood, Tulipwood, Olivewood, various animal bones (fossil ivory, giraffe tibia, tusks), etc. As inserts these materials can be used as dowels, rings, small balls, etc.
To further heighten the potentials of the inserts I work them in a particular manner which is the result of hard work and experimenting.

Spesso per esaltare ancor più le potenzialità degli innesti sono solito sottoporli a particolari lavorazioni, frutto di uno studio intenso e di diverse prove sperimentali.