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y name is Massimiliano Rimensi and my passion for pipes started in 1990 when I bought a "Dublin" and then became interested in these magnificant objects. After a number of smokes I started thinking about making a pipe that could satisfy my own personal tastes. After having found the necessary materials I went to my uncle's carpentry shop where, when I was a teenager, I used to work every summer. Of course the results weren't the best but my passion for Briarwood began to grow and grow. By visiting other carpentries, saw-mills and pipe stores I started refining the techniques and, even today when I have the time , I design and carve models according to my inspiration at that moment.

Massimiliano Rimensi

I picked the name "Duca Pipe" and its grades in reference to Ferrara, my city, of medieval/renaissance origin.

The materials I use are of prime quality starting with the Briarwood itself that I get from different regions in Italy and that I personally age for at least 2 or 3 years according to rigid criteria. Because of my artistic nature I love esperimenting with all types of possible materials: Ebanite, metacrillato, animal horns and bones, Olivewood, Boxwood, Rosewood, black and white Bamboo Amboina, Tulipwood and other exotic woods of which I try to exalt their potentials in particular types of workmanship. I am therefore always looking for new aesthetic and functional solutions that combine forms, innovation and harmony. I enjoy hearing from people who smoke my pipes so as to understand their needs; beside being artistic objects my pipes are made to take full advantage of the quality of the wood thus satisfying the smoker. And it is for this reason that I have developed various ways to improve the smoke and avoid the formation of "drizzling" and humidity and reach a perfet burning of the tobacco in the pipe bowl.
Another of my hobbies is airbrush painting using temperas, acrylics and water paints....
...all accompanied by a good quantity of Golden Virginia that I particulary love!

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Massimiliano Rimensi
Phone: (+39) 3466281330
Laboratory: Via Nazionale, 68
45030 Occhiobello (RO)
Email: info@ducapipe.com